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CGS Postcard exhibition "Wish you were here". Ruskin Glass Centre, UK.

I am pleased to have one of my postcards in the CGS exhibition at the Ruskin Glass Centre. More than 180 artists submitted a postcard for the show, which has been arranged into a wall of glass. The only stipulation for this exhibition was that all postcards measure 10x15x2cm. The theme was "Wish you were here".

For my postcard I wanted it to contain some sort of message, but rather than using written text or an image of a place I chose to make an abstract design. The title of the exhibition was my starting point. The words "Wish you were here" are also lyrics from the band Pink Floyd. I took these words and translated them into braille. Braille, whilst being an incredibly useful tool for the blind, is fascinating from a visual point of view, with all of the raised dots creating interesting patterns. It is more often seen as white dots raised on white background. I chose to make the dots black, in stark contrast to the white background, giving a striking effect for sighted.

I also made a second card as a companion. The text on this card, keeping in the theme of Pink Floyd lyrics, reads"Crazy Diamond."

I made these using simple fusing techniques. The white background is made from sheets of white Bullseye glass fused onto a layr of clear glass. The black dots were created by cutting up small pieces of black Bullseye rods into small pieces and melting them in the kiln until they were rounded. The dots were then carefully arranged onto the white glass rectangles and melted until they formed a nice hemisphere on the background. After cooling the edges were ground and polished flat.

John Burton - Postcards 2015 (1).jpg

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