I am a British artist living and working in The Netherlands.


Whilst much of my work has been mainly influenced by issues surrounding microbiological sciences and technologies, I have found myself increasingly making objects which express my own emotional and personal responses to the world in which I am surrounded. I use glass to reflect my personal thoughts and emotions, be they positive or negative and no other material can do this for me. As human beings we are all  mutifaceted. We are not just what you see on the surface, but are complex beings, having hidden, inner depths, emotions, feelings & thoughts. The dynamics and nature of glass allow me to  create my own narratives using my own emotional experiences as the catalyst.

My work is characterised by it’s geometric, simple forms, planes and lines, interspersed with occasional organic texture. Matt and glossy surfaces are used in combination to create subtle differences in surfaces. I prefer a monotone or two-tone palette, with the colours being solid and uniform. 


After graduating from the Surrey Institue of Art & Design with an honours degree I went on to work for other glass artists in the UK, where I gained invaluable experience with hot blown glass and cold glass techniques. Since then I have continued to work with glass and exhibit in Europe & the USA. My work is in private & public collections including The National Museums Scotland & Ernsting Stiftung in Lette, Germany.


Photo - Simon Bruntnell